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Candidate Adolfo Abreu with movement leaders Yolande Cadore and Sandra Lobo

Our Movement Started
From The Ground UP

Adolfo is an organizer and civic leader on a lifelong path to build power with his community, from the ground up. We have what it takes to create a just recovery and an economy that cares for us all, starting with our home in District 14.

Our Coalition is Growing

Everyday more groups and leaders are inspired by our campaign to bring our people’s power to City Hall. I'm humbled and proud to have their support.

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What We Stand For

Homes Guarantee
and Community Control

Everyone deserves safe, affordable and quality housing that builds shared ownership and supports our communities to thrive. Government should invest in our people’s ability to own the properties where they live so that residents, not outsider landlords, have the decision-making power to ensure long-term affordability.  [read more...]
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Equitable Economic Development

A just recovery from COVID-19 means a new normal for economic and community development that advances the wellbeing of people over the interests of big business and a wealthy few. Bronxites must set the agenda of our economic future so that we define our economic policies and have access to dignified work and shared wealth.  [read more...]
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Community Health
and Wellness

Health is not just the absence of illness but a reflection of overall community wellness. We want to guarantee quality healthcare for all—and mandate neighborhood health equity assessments to set development priorities and address root causes of disease and sickness in the Bronx.  [read more...]
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Safety and Dignity
in Our Communities

Violence is a symptom of deeper, systemic issues that plague our communities. We believe in redirecting funds from the New York Police Department towards community-led strategies that address harm, create accountability, and generate safety and healing for all residents, especially survivors of violence.  [read more...]
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Just and
Quality Education

All students deserve to thrive in safe and supportive schools with pathways to college and careers. With restorative and transformative justice programs in every school, we can build trusting and healthy educational communities.  [read more...]
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Participatory Democracy
and Co-Governance

Plenty of politicians talk about listening to the community. We believe in governing together. Just one way we could make that vision real is by instituting local legislative assemblies that empower residents to co-create and implement public policy.  [read more...]
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Our District

University Heights
Morris Heights
Mount Hope

Our District

City Council District 14 is home to nearly 170,000 New Yorkers who live in the Fordham, Kingsbridge, Morris Heights, and University Heights neighborhoods. Our community is diverse, with families that have immigrated from over a dozen nations and have lived here for generations. Our people do the essential work that runs our city. More than 20,000 of us work in education, health care, and social assistance, and many thousands more in transportation, construction, food services and retail. 

District 14 boasts historic, commercial, and cultural assets—including the Kingsbridge Armory, St. Nicholas of Tolentine Church, Fordham Road, Bronx Community College, and many others. An array of community organizations have fought disinvestment and rebuilt our neighborhoods—and continue to make it a place where many can thrive. We have the resources, creativity, and power to address our greatest challenges from the ground up.

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