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Meet Adolfo

Meet Adolfo

"Adolfo knows how to build power from the ground up. He's going to push for policy changes with and for the people. That's why I will do whatever it takes to get Adolfo into City Council."

—Wanda Salaman, Kingsbridge Resident and Bronx Community Organizer

I am an organizer and civic leader on a lifelong path to build power with my community. My people have called me to step up, so here I am.

I was born into the struggle shared by so many Bronxites. I survived off food stamps, moved from one dilapidated building to another, and was bussed out of my community just to find a school seat. By day, my mother worked for minimum wage as a home attendant and later a paraprofessional educator in a District 75 school. By night, she studied at Bronx Community College. Though she was single, she was not alone. A family of aunties and female cousins raised me on the love, resilience, and ingenuity of Black and Brown women. At age eight, my mother asked me to step up as a caregiver for my grandma. I dedicated myself to that until she died.

My community taught me how to lead and win when the odds are against us. When I joined Sistas & Brothas United, the youth organizing arm of the Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition (NWBCCC), I realized the struggles my family faced were by design. Among this powerful community, I found my voice and the conviction that people like my mother and my neighbors had the creativity and expertise to develop real solutions. At 12 years old, I was asked to step up to present our Students Bill of Rights. I rose to that challenge, and I haven’t stopped since. When the Mayor and real estate lobby tried to force a poverty-wage mall into the Kingsbridge Armory, I helped build a diverse coalition that shut the deal down and advanced community-led development. When the MTA tried to take away Student MetroCards, I co-led a movement to win back the right of every student to ride to school for free. As police criminalized Black, Brown, and LGBTQ students, our coalition passed a landmark Student Safety Act and launched restorative justice programs to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline.

"Today, I refuse to accept the status quo that says we can’t defund the police, cancel rent, or win healthcare and housing for all. I worked with my community to turn possibilities into realities. Together, we will continue to break new ground."

— Adolfo Abreu, Candidate for City Council District 14

Adolfo Abreu fighting against Education Budget Cuts at City Hall

"It’s undeniable that collectively, we can hold our elected officials accountable, but it is time we elect our own to legislate our boldest visions."

— Adolfo Abreu

We belong in the seat of power. This belief has led me to dedicate years of my life to building governing power for our people in the Bronx. I’ve supported and defended progressive candidates in the Bronx. I’ve run a City Council office, worked constituent cases, and directly engaged thousands of residents to determine how city dollars are spent. In 2018, I returned to the NWBCCC as Organizing Director to develop the next generation of grassroots leaders on the forefront of change. As I fought alongside my fellow Bronxites and witnessed the inaction from those in power during our current crisis, my community encouraged me to run for office.

This moment asks all of us to step into leadership for the future we deserve. The people who have come from the ground up. The people who never left the Bronx and are here to stay. The people who have the solutions, because we built them with our own hands. We need leaders who will stand strong when the political powers push back, who won’t give up on our dignity and our dreams for political gain. This has been my lifelong commitment. It’s in my bones, and I am ready to step up. Together, we can transform the Bronx and our city—from the ground up.

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