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Join Our Movement

“Everyone in this district is looking for a new kind of leadership. We’ve been longing for a stronghold vision from a young person that knows how to lead and knows that for change to happen, it has to happen from the ground up. Adolfo is the leader we’ve been waiting for.”

— Yolande Cadore, Kingsbridge resident

Join Our Movement In One Of Two Ways!

The members of our campaign are tenants, workers, public school teachers, students, caregivers, small business owners, and more. It takes people like us to build a movement to transform District 14 from the ground up! 

Your support doesn’t just grow our campaign, it strengthens our community. We are building people power beyond election day for a city where everyone can thrive. We need all of us to ensure that the issues we care about most are front and center.

“I see a future for the Bronx and New York City where our people own every part of our communities and our democracy together. That starts with our grassroots campaign.”

— Adolfo Abreu

Power Our Movement